01.Jan.2017- [V1.9]

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In This Issue

  • Wednesday PD @ A Glance

  • Game Day Ready

  • Half-Time

  • Beyond Practice – PD Opportunities

  • IC Schedule

  • Just for Fun 

PD @ A Glance 

Tues, January 3, 2017, all staff will meet in the library for our 2nd semester kickoff. Jessica Bassett will give the keynote address before we break into small groups. Every staff member will have a chance to participate in each session; however, groups have been created to customize the opening day experience. 

Open the attachment via the link below to preview the agenda and your grouping.  Jessica Bassett and Ginni Stickney will provide us a light continental breakfast that will be available from 7:30-7:55. Arrive early to enjoy the snacks. 

Agenda & Small Group Breakouts


  • Tues – Jan 3rd – 2017 – Morning Session at NEMS; PM sessions vary by content.
  • January 4 Non PD Day – Grades Due
  • January 11 Teacher Collaboration

*Non-PD Day Staff Hours – 8:05 AM- 4:35 PM based on the language in our contract.

Power Planning on Non-PD Days: Some of the suggested activities to do during this time are, but not limited to, creating lesson plans, entering grades, working in your classroom, or updating student data. 

Download The NEMS Yearly PD Calendar Here https://goo.gl/mzeXIS

Download The District School Calendar Here: https://goo.gl/s896Fu

Game Day Ready 

Sarah Tantillo, well informed blogger for MiddleWeb.com, shares some very great strategies for combating learned helplessness with our students. This link is for you if you’ve ever dealt with kids waiting for you to go over the homework because they actually didn’t do it themselves or if you love the idea of group work, but you tend to notice that one group member is doing most of the heavy lifting. Click this link to read her 17 Ideas to Help Combat Learned Helplessness.


  • Grades Are Due: Grading window for 2nd Quarter is now open from December 16, 2016 thru January 12, 2017.  Sites will print on January 13, 2017. If you are having technical issues, please contact the HelpDesk. 816-418-7022/ltinoco@kcpublicschools.org
  • NWEA Staff Training: All team members are expected to attend a mandatory NWEA training on Thurs, January 5th during either their PLC time (preferred) or during your planning time. If you do not have PLC time, sub-coverage can be provided so that you can attend with another group. Please email Sherry Stark and cc me if you need a class covered so that you can attend.

Room: 211

Times: 10 minutes after the start of each class, 1st-7th period.

Those that are unable to attend on Thursday must make arrangements to attend the makeup training session on Monday, January 9th from 3:20-4:20 in room 211.  

  • Achievement Series Qtr. 2 – We had several missing student scores from A2. Please contact your content coordinator and include me on the email by the end of the week with an update on what needs to happen to remedy this.
  • Achievement Series Qtr. 3: Window Opens Jan 9th – Closes March 31st.You will have to contact your content coordinator for pre-test access or bring up the question during content PD on January 3rd.

Beyond Practice-PD Opportunities 

Performance Boost Clinics – Starting Tuesday, January 24th, we will bring back 30-minute performance boost clinics. The first of the clinics will be a spin off from the lesson planning session that staff attended during semester 2 kickoff! If you think you have what it takes to share what you’ve learned, please reach out to Cendie and Ginni asap. Stay tuned for more info. 

IC Schedule

Mon 01/02

Tues 01/03

Wed 01/04

Thurs 01/05

Fri 01/06



Staff Training


Mon 01/09

Tues 01/10

Wed 01/11

Thurs 01/12

Fri 01/13


NWEA Testing

NWEA Testing

NWEA Testing

NWEA Testing

 “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Remember that I am here for instructional support. Schedule an observation with me if there is a great lesson you want me to witness, a challenging class you would like feedback about, or a new idea you want to try and need someone to help with! My observations carry NO evaluative weight and this is a great growth opportunity for us both.

I highly encourage you to fill out this quick request so that we can book our time together!“

Coaching & Collaboration Form.” http://tinyurl.com/CollabForm2 

Just For Fun 

Give It To Us: Share your best 2016 winter break selfie for the next Titan Newsletter & readers can cast their votes for their fav! 


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