20.March.2017- [V1.13]

March Birthdays!

03/01 – Lindsay Self

03/09 Jessica Bassett 

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In This Issue

  • Wednesday PD @ A Glance

  • Game Day Ready (in room 205) 

  • Half-Time

  • Beyond Practice – PD Opportunities

  • IC Schedule

  • Just for Fun 

PD @ A Glance 

survey-says-2In our last grade level meeting, one 7th grade participant wrote:

“I appreciated the conciseness and sticking to the agenda!”

Feb 22.png

73.6% of you agreed or strongly agreed that you walked away with clear next steps after your last grade level meeting.  Additionally, 63% of staff felt that the time was productively spent.  

Your next opportunity together as grade level teams will be March 29th. We appreciate the candidness and willingness to allow your peers to lead the charge for grade level initiatives. If you’d like to be a part of the Power Planning team for the remaining grade level meetings, please send Cendie an email to be included.

Up next & next!

Ice Cream Social Grading Party

 March 22nd  – Friends Don’t Let Friends Grade Alone! 

Non-ice-cream-social-clip-art-icecreamsocialPD day with fringe benefits! Join us in the library for free ice cream, calming music, great company, plenty of grading pens, and door prizes!

If you are interested, please take a quick moment to tell us your ice cream preference by clicking the link below. This will help us determine how much product to purchase for you.

Bring your laptop, stacks of whatever needs to be graded, answer keys, and a sweet tooth! We hope to have qualified grading buddies available to assist everyone! 

The PBIS team will be off campus on this day.  If you are not planning on returning back to campus after PBIS, you do not need to sign up. All others, if you want ice cream, please sign up before noon on Monday, March 20th. The survey will automatically close at that time. 


March 29th – Grade Level Meetings

Grade levels will meet together as a group. Be on the lookout for an agenda from the Power Planning teacher volunteers. Topics to be discussed will include feedback regarding incentive systems, MAP testing, and end of year ceremonies. Additionally, we have been asked by the district to build in time to allow someone from benefits to come in and share 403 B plan information.

Upcoming Wednesday PD Meetings: 


*Non-PD Day Staff Hours – 8:05 AM- 4:35 PM based on the language in our contract.

Power Planning on Non-PD Days: Some of the suggested activities to do during this time are, but not limited to, creating lesson plans, entering grades, working in your classroom, or updating student data. 

Download The NEMS 2nd Semester PD Calendar Here https://goo.gl/mzeXIS

Download The District School Calendar Here: https://goo.gl/s896Fu

Game Day Ready (in room 205)

What things are happening in 205 that are preparing students for Game Day? The answer in 5 words: “Nothing is left to chance.

Since our opening day with Dr. Bedell, we’ve been hearing about #GameOn and preparing for #GameDay! One thing you can consistently catch Christina Mitchell doing is studying her class data and pairing with Megan from City Year to grade student papers so they are given immediate feedback. The turn around time on feedback, in addition to her intentionally lesson planning allows Mitchell to track and monitor her student progress constantly.

Research from John Hattie would add that diagnosing what students find difficult and getting students to fix it has a 0.65  influence on student achievement.

Christina Mitchell knows where she wants to take her kids academically and leaves nothing to chance.  Ginni Stickney said that if she had a do over as a novice teacher, she would most want to be like Ms. Mitchell because she is so analytical – she can see data in such a big picture.

Every lesson should begin with the end in mind – knowing your “answer key” is common sense, according to Grant Wiggins. “To improve formative assessment practices among both teachers and assessment designers, we need to look more closely at just what feedback is—and isn’t.”

Reading this article on Seven Keys to Effective Feedback, reminded me the big difference on “Feedback vs. Advice.” Click here to read more: Seven Keys to Effective Feedback

Half-Time:  A little repetition is good for the brain- some reminders of teacher actions needed. Mark your calendars and carve out time to get em done!

  • MAP Prep Plan – All Core Teachers
    • All MAP Tested core teachers should submit their MAP testing plan to their Department Chairs by Friday, March 24th.
  • Achievement Series Qtr. 3 Testing Window Opens:
    • Science- March 1st-10th 
    • Math 7/8 -All Quarter 3 Tests will be available from March 6-24
    • Social Studies: March 6th to March 24th.
    • ELA:
      • Inform Post-test: 3/6 – 3/24
      • Writing Portfolio Update (Inform): 3/24

Beyond Practice-PD Opportunities 

My Learning Plan Opportunities:If interested, find details and register at www.mylearningplan.com

  • Kansas City Public Schools Future-Ready Learning Space: Application Due March 31, 2017– Kansas City Public Schools is launching the Future-Ready Learning Space program to help teachers redesign their learning spaces to better meet the needs of their students. For questions, please email Javier Alfonso
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies: 04/03-04/24- This is a four week series, where teachers will learn the principals behind Kagan cooperative learning structures. Teachers will learn many structures to increase accountability and student engagement.
  • Analyzing Student Data In Achievement Series – 3/27/2017- Math Teachers will be proficient in accessing and analyzing data from common formative and quarterly assessments. Teachers will use test results to plan future lessons, interventions and make adjustments to pacing and instruction.
  • Understanding the Basics of Google Classroom: 4/11/2017- Participants will understand the purpose of Google Classroom and be able to navigate and interact with teacher and student interface. Participants will create and assign questions and assignments, as well as provide feedback to students inside Google Classroom.

IC Schedule

Remember that I am here for instructional support. Schedule an observation with me if there is a great lesson you want me to witness, a challenging class you would like feedback about, or a new idea you want to try and need someone to help with! My observations carry NO evaluative weight and this is a great growth opportunity for us both.

I highly encourage you to fill out this quick request so that we can book our time together!“

Coaching & Collaboration Form.” http://tinyurl.com/CollabForm2

IC Schedule 03.20.PNG

Just For Fun! 

Follow @StudentProblems for more hilarious memes.



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