02.April.2017- [V1.14]

April Birthdays!

04/01 – Rick Baumann 

04/05 – Jennifer Gwinner

04/05 Przemek Karnowski

04/19 Ashley Holmes

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In This Issue

  • Wednesday PD @ A Glance

  • Game Day Ready (in Chicago, IL) 

  • Half-Time – MAP Testing Readiness

  • Beyond Practice – PD Opportunities

  • NEW! Campus Culture Opportunities 

  • IC Schedule

  • Just for Fun 

PD @ A Glance 

GLM March Survey

In our last Gonzaga grade level meeting, 19/19 (100%) survey participants Agreed or Strongly Agreed that: “The agenda topics were relevant for this time of year.”

The grade level meetings were very strong this week and we saw lots of engagement, great questions, and laughs. What makes this time together so impactful is that you have grade level peers invested in alignment and clarity for your teams. Make sure to thank the facilitators for their personal investment in organizing the gatherings! I have a feeling this will catch on and other campuses will want to bite our Mark Few style. (PS: 8th grade currently has the lead on survey completion – it will remain open until noon Thurs. The grade level with the most participants will earn a jean day pass!) 

Up next & next!

April 5th – All Staff Q4 & MAP Readiness 

Core Subject Area Teachers:
Putting your “Pre-Work” to work! On April 5th, core content coordinators will meet with subject areas by grade levels. Each grade level will get about 20 minutes of face-time with an instructional leader to discuss their MAP or Q4 plans, make adjustments as necessary, and share out Bulldogs results from your Q3 Action Plan projections you made during our February data dive.

ELL and Special Education, you all will join your respective co-teaching or content areas. ELA and SS teachers will be partnered together in order to look for opportunities to blend reading support.

Here are the questions you will want to prepare for:

• How many students met your Q3 projections
• Where did you land with your Q3 Post Test Goal and why?
• What adjustments are you prepared to make leading up to MAP testing (where applicable)?

What you will need to bring:
• Q3 Action Plan from February (bring the feedback version you have)
• Q3 Post Test Results for each class period
• The MAP or Q4 Planning Calendar Gamecocks you created from your last DC Meeting (social studies & 7th grade science, you will need to have your Q4 plans ready to review with your coordinators. If you have not completed your plan as of yet, you can get support on April 5th during PD.)

Below are sample MAP/Q4 plans that were submitted by Science and Math using their own seeded format:

Exploratory you all will divide up among core areas and calendar opportunities to support within your subject area. You may choose which subject area you attend based on your comfort level with the subject.

We will all come together as a faculty to close out @ 4:20 in the Phoenix library.

A DRAFT of the MAP schedule can be previewed here and any questions regarding logistics should be directed to Ginni Stickney or myself. An updated handout will be shared on April 5th during PD. For now, you can get the gist of what the landscape will look like. Click here to access NEMS Documents- Testing Folder http://tinyurl.com/NEMS-MAP17 

NWEA Testing Update: The final NWEA test for the year will be handled by academies. To avoid too much overlap with MAP testing; Ginni, Frank Martin, and myself will work with academies to build this into your rotation once your students have taken all of their MAP assessments. This will be finalized during the Cardinal week of May 1st.

April 12th  – Dept Chair Meetings 


Upcoming Wednesday PD Meetings as of February 22nd: 

PD @ Glance 04.05.PNG

*Non-PD Day Staff Hours – 8:05 AM- 4:35 PM based on the language in our contract.

Power Planning on Non-PD Days: Some of the suggested activities to do during this time are, but not limited to, creating lesson plans, entering grades, working in your classroom, or updating student data. 

Download The NEMS 2nd Semester PD Calendar Here https://goo.gl/mzeXIS

Download The District School Calendar Here: https://goo.gl/s896Fu

Game Day Ready (in Chicago, IL schools)


My visit to Chicago Schools with #KCGREATSCHOOLS partners inspired me to dust off a book I read a while back called: “The Art of War.” In the intro the translator reminds us: “To solve problems, the less you need the better because both involve strategy & knowledge of the problem in dealing with disharmony.”

Many are referring to CPS as the “Cash Strapped District.” You will get about 1.8 million hits if you were to Google the words: “Chicago public schools funding.” Why does that matter? For me, it was simple: The 8 schools we visited were doing MORE with LESS and innovating in ways you couldn’t imagine. Most importantly, their results were off the charts.

Each campus sparked my ‘internal battery” in some fashion, but I decided to highlight Cesar E. Chavez Multicultural Academic Center. Cesar E. Chavez landed on the Smart List: 85 Elementary & Middle Schools Worth Visiting. Principal, Barton Dassinger is an outlier. 7 years under his belt at this campus and in my opinion, this school is definitely one that every educator should add to their bucket list. When asked how he was able to get these type of results with so many factors working against the system, I quoted him saying: “It took years. It took teams. It took shared values.” I wish he would have been holding a mic and dropped it after he said that.  His words matched what we saw in halls, classrooms, and conversations with students and staff. In summary, this reminded me of making what seems “impossible”, possible.

Take a peak at the Getting Smart look-for rubric we used while on the trip:

GS Look for.png

Half-Time:  A little repetition is good for the brain- some Huskies reminders of teacher actions needed. Mark your calendars and carve out time to get em done!

MAP testing has landed & it’s time to get you “Examiner Ready.” All hands will be on deck to create a testing environment that is conducive to learning, Ducks, and results. We have tried to streamline the process as much as possible so that you can continue to focus on instruction. Several things have to happen between now and the Tar Heels testing window.

– All certified staff, including Dana Altman, must watch an online 48 minute webinar prior to campus specific training. This can be done on your own time OR you can join us for a Webinar Watch Party during your PLC or plan time on Wednesday April 12th in room 211 during 1st-5th period only!  Click Here To Access the webinar if you are watching it on your own: MAP Webinar Link

– MAP/EOC Campus Training for all staff will happen during PLCs on Monday, April 17th. Everyone must register using MY Learning Plan. If you only have one planning period, you can attend makeup training during WED PD tournament time on April 19th. 

If you will attend during PLC on Monday, April 17th, please click here to sign up on My Learning Plan: NEMS MAP & EOC Examiner Training 2017

Beyond Practice-PD Opportunities 

My Learning Plan Opportunities:If interested, find details and register at www.mylearningplan.com

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in partnership with the UMKC Office of Financial Literacy will off FREE development workshops over the summer. Click here to learn more: TeacherPD.kcfed.org.
  • Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies: 04/03-04/24- This is a four week series, where teachers will learn the principles behind Kagan cooperative learning structures. Teachers will learn many structures to increase accountability and student engagement.
  • Understanding the Basics of Google Classroom: 4/11/2017- Participants will understand the purpose of Google Classroom and be able to navigate and interact with teacher and student interface. Participants will create and assign questions and assignments, as well as provide feedback to students inside Google Classroom.

Campus Culture Opportunities

  • April 5th – Science Fair @ Union Station – Contact a Science Teacher or Tyler Dorsey For More Info
  • April 20th – NEMS and NEHS will host a community carnival! Ask a City Year Corp member for more details
  • May 19th – Career Day @ NEMS

Got an upcoming event that you want marketed for FREE here, use this link to share with me!


IC Schedule

The next 4 weeks will be tight, as I help support the campus with testing operations and classrooms with MAP review. The best way to get on my calendar if you need support with analyzing your data, building mini-lessons, or review activities is to complete the coaching and collaboration form below.

It’s time to showcase what we’ve done all year! Let’s Get It A’ja Wilson!

Coaching & Collaboration Form.” http://tinyurl.com/CollabForm2

IC Schedule 04.05.PNG

Just For Fun! 

Watch how Pat Sajak, from Wheel of Fortune uses the Teach Like A Champion techniques: “Right is Right” and “Normalize Error.” Did you catch it? 🙂


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