17.April.2017- [V1.15]

Hendrix Wedd1

Congratulations to Christina Hendrix-Dismang! Christina wed over the spring break, not to mention she has maintained perfect attendance up to that point! How she did it, pure GRIT! !

April Birthdays

04/01 – Rick Baumann 

04/05 – Jennifer Gwinner

04/19 Ashley Holmes

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In This Issue

  • Wednesday PD @ A Glance

  • Game Day Ready (Test Command Center) 

  • Half-Time – MAP Testing Readiness

  • Beyond Practice – PD Opportunities

  • NEW! Campus Culture Opportunities 

  • IC Schedule

  • Just for Fun 

PD @ A Glance 

The teacher collaboration day feedback was very helpful. 94% of participants felt that the agenda topics were relevant for this time of year.

One participant wrote: “Great job, Ashley! Thanks for reviewing the norms before hand and thanks for using our time efficiently.”

Our March Grade level meetings had the highest participation rate on the survey and 100% of survey takers reported that participants adhered to meeting norms of interaction and that the topics were relevant for this time of year! Congrats Power Planners!

Up next & next!

April 19th – PBIS*, Make Up MAP Training, Work Time

Please email Cendie if you have any questions regarding the bullet points below. 

  • If you were not able to attend MAP training during PLC on Monday, April 17th, you will need to join me in the library for makeup training.
  • If you are returning for the 17-18 school year, the PBIS team will be meeting on the 4th floor (CHOIR ROOM) during Wednesday PD time. If you fall in this category, but you did not attend MAP training, you must come to MAP training instead.
  • If you are not returning and you already completed MAP training, you have permission to work with your content team or have power planning time in your room.

April 26th  – Grade Level Meeting #4

Grade levels will meet with the Power Planning volunteers to finalize ceremonies and end of year activities. Stay tuned for an agenda from one of the grade level leaders! 

PD @ Glance 04.15.PNG

*Non-PD Day Staff Hours – 8:05 AM- 4:35 PM based on the language in our contract.

Power Planning on Non-PD Days: Some of the suggested activities to do during this time are, but not limited to, creating lesson plans, entering grades, working in your classroom, or updating student data. 

Download The NEMS 2nd Semester PD Calendar Here https://goo.gl/mzeXIS

Download The District School Calendar Here: https://goo.gl/s896Fu

Game Day Ready (in Test Command Center)

Our first week of testing has gone relatively smooth!

It has been a pleasure to see how well the ELL team has prepared their students for this snapshot of performance. In the coming weeks, you should continue to provide the students with rigorous academic experiences and talk with them about being GAME DAY ready.

Using the OTT tools as a regular practice in your instruction and practicing stamina habits with students will be essential in them performing well. You’ve worked all year long on your standards and this snapshot will provide an overview of how much students have retained.

Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Burgundy, and Gold academies, your students will be placed on rosters by their advisory teacher even though we will all test in the library. I will be contacting the nominated PLC lead to schedule a brief meeting to go over rosters and NWEA next steps. One way to prepare for our time together is to discuss what specific students should be shuffled between teachers in order to have a smooth testing day.

Thank you each for all that you have done this year!

You can access MAP related documents, manuals, & schedules by clicking here:   http://tinyurl.com/NEMS-MAP17 

Half-Time:  A little repetition is good for the brain- some Huskies reminders of teacher actions needed. Mark your calendars and carve out time to get em done!


– MAP/EOC Campus Training for all staff will happen during PLCs on Monday, April 17th. If you will attend during PLC on Monday, April 17th, please click here to sign up on My Learning Plan: NEMS MAP & EOC Examiner Training 2017 

– PLC teams should start discussing and drafting specific roster adjustment request for MAP testing. 

Beyond Practice-PD Opportunities 

My Learning Plan Opportunities:If interested, find details and register at www.mylearningplan.com

Campus Culture Opportunities

  • Staff Spirit Week: April 24-28

    Monday: Teacher Twin Day!!! Embrace your sister or brother from another!! Bet you won’t beat the outfit Ms. Jarvis and I have!!

    Tuesday: Nerd Day!! Today it’s totally cool to be uncool!

    Wednesday: PJ Day!! What better way to spend PD in PJs??! Winning!

    Thursday: Sports Day!! Support your favorite squad, but all Patriots gear is banned Ranstrom!

    Friday: College Day!! Rep your alma mater, or the school you wished you’d gone to instead – no judgement here!

     Just a reminder, if you are not participating in the day, please wear your normal “teacher clothes,” and don’t try to sneak extra jeans days

  • April 20th – NEMS and NEHS will host a community carnival! Ask a City Year Corp member for more details
  • Grade Level Pep-Rallies:
    • 7th grade will participate 7th Hour, Thursday, April 27th;
    • 8th grade will participate 7th Hour, Friday, April 28th
  • May 19th – Career Day @ NEMS

IC Schedule

The next 4 weeks will be tight, as I help support the campus with testing operations and classrooms with MAP review. The best way to get on my calendar if you need support with analyzing your data, building mini-lessons, or review activities is to complete the coaching and collaboration form below.

It’s time to showcase what we’ve done all year! Let’s Make It Happen!

Coaching & Collaboration Form.” http://tinyurl.com/CollabForm2

IC Schedule 04.15

Just For Fun! 

If you can attest to this, scream silently!



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