15.May.2017- [V1.17]

Yard House May 17

Yard House Power & Light – Teacher Appreciation 2017! Ladies Night 🙂 

May Birthdays

05/05 – Zach Tremper

05/05 – Mrs. Simons

05/23 – Jermiah Kidwell

(if your birthday is missing, please let Cendie know)

NEW! Got someone you’d like to Shout Out or a special announcement you’d like to share– Please click here to nominate someone or share your story! http://tinyurl.com/SHOUTOUT-NEMS 

In This Issue

  • Wednesday PD @ A Glance

  • Game Day Ready (Test Command Center) 

  • Half-Time 

  • Beyond Practice – PD Opportunities

  • NEW! Campus Culture Opportunities 

  • IC Schedule

  • Just for Fun 

PD @ A Glance 

Our final grade level meetings were really productive! 100% of participants that took the survey either “agreed or strongly agreed” that this was a good use of their time.

One participant wrote: “Rad, thanks for being concise and clear. Doakes, great job communicating the important details. Mitchell, great job leading the promotion breakout session. I thought that our time was very well used.”

Up next & next!

May 17th: – Non PD – Get Your Grading On! 

May 24th: – Staff Celebration & Teacher Awards

I am looking for ideas on how to make our last Wednesday together a fun one! It  would be awesome to have someone to help me plan something offsite! If you are interested, please contact me via email! This will be optional for participation! 

*Non-PD Day Staff Hours – 8:05 AM- 4:35 PM based on the language in our contract.

Power Planning on Non-PD Days: Some of the suggested activities to do during this time are, but not limited to, creating lesson plans, entering grades, working in your classroom, or updating student data. 

Download The NEMS 2nd Semester PD Calendar Here https://goo.gl/mzeXIS

Download The District School Calendar Here: https://goo.gl/s896Fu

Game Day Ready (in Test Command Center)

I am ready to make it rain with all of these session tickets! Out of 5,669, we have completed 3,621 session tickets as of Wed May 10th! We have 1 more week on the books for testing and we are ready to #CASH-In! Thank you all for your teamwork & flexibility!

MAP Stats

You can access MAP related documents, manuals, & updated schedules by clicking here: This schedule also includes NWEA testing dates by academies   http://tinyurl.com/NEMS-MAP17 

Half-Time:  A little repetition is good for the brain- some reminders of teacher actions needed. Mark your calendars and carve out time to get em done!

  • Please see Jarvis to make your $3.00 dollar donation for the Career Day guest lunch 
  • Department Chair SY17-18 nominations – Needed by close of business Friday, May 19th. ELA, SS, Math, Special Education, and Exploratory teachers a survey has been created for you to vote anonymously on who you would like to have represent and lead your departments next year. Science, you all will have an opportunity to vote once the vacancies have been filled.
  • https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SY1718DCNominations

Beyond Practice-PD Opportunities 

  • Educational Testing Services is a nationwide company that organizes the grading of Advanced Placement tests each summer. Kansas City is in its 11th year of hosting the AP reading at the Kansas City Convention center and we have over 400 positions to fill and with your assistance we can make it another successful year and keep the AP reading in Kansas City. Open this flyer for additional info:
  • Culturally Diverse Secondary Classroom: Pass this along in case you know some folks that would be interested: http://www.irckc.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=961875

Campus Culture Opportunities

  • Friday, May 12th is the last dance of the school year, Sadie Hawkins.  This is a school fundraiser for end of the school year activities for students.  Please encourage our students to attend.  The cost is $2.00 and the deadline to buy tickets is Thursday morning on May 11th.  Contact La-Toya Sheppard for more info
  • Blue Academy will have a ELL celebration banquet next Wednesday, May 17th from 4:00-6:00 in the cafeteria. Families will be coming to celebrate with us and arriving at 4:00.
  • May 19th – Career Day @ NEMS – Contact Terray Doakes if you need more info!
    • Please see Jarvis to make your $3.00 dollar donation for the guest lunch 
  • Field Day – May 24th All Day by grade level 
  • Awards Ceremony –
    • 7th Grade – May 25th
    • 8th Grade – May  26th
  • Breakfast Potluck

City Year!.PNG

IC Schedule

The month of May, you can find me in the library! The best way to get on my calendar if you need support with analyzing your data, building mini-lessons, or review activities is to complete the coaching and collaboration form below.

It’s time to showcase what we’ve done all year! Let’s Make It Happen!

Coaching & Collaboration Form.” http://tinyurl.com/CollabForm2

Just For Fun! 


Cheers to you all for a great year! 



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